IMDb rating:-8.3/10
Releasing date:-6/03/2020

Plot:-Anna Ben plays an ordinary innocent girl, who comes to Kozhikode city from a high range area, Poovaranthode. As the film begins Jessy (Anna Ben) shows up helping her mother with the stitching work in the calm valleys of Wayanand. Her mother asks her to call one of their customer but she accidentally ends up calling someone else.[6] The phone was picked by Vishnu (Roshan Mathew) who is a rickshaw driver.

After few calls, the friendship of Vishnu and Jessy starts transforming into love. Suddenly, Jessy receives marriage proposal from Benny (Sudhi Koppa). His family also accepts the proposal of Benny and Jessy's marriage. Then, Jessy decides to meet Vishnu and heads towards Kozhikode. From here the film turns out to be full of action scenes.

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